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The ADMIRALTY 30 OD was specifically designed as a fast, easy to sail and affordable racing boat. The aim was for it to be raced by two or three sailors who want simple controls and less physical exertion. It also had to be reasonably priced and be fast.....very fast.

The ADMIRALTY 30 OD is extremely straightforward with minimal controls:

  • self tacking / furling jib
  • asymmetric spinnaker flown from the fixed bowsprit
  • below deck lines lead to a single central control pod and a single winch
  • the only surface lines are spinnaker sheets and a jib sheet forward

The motion of the ADMIRALTY 30 OD through the water is very easy, it points well, it runs deep and in a puff it just goes faster. The windward/leeward crew positioning makes little difference in performance.

The ADMIRALTY 30 OD incorporates many unique design characteristics resulting in a highly developed sailboat with very specific objectives. The ADMIRALTY 30 OD does not attempt to be everything to everyone, but it is FAST, EASY TO SAIL, and AFFORDABLE.

For more information or to arrange a test sail on the ADMIRALTY 30 OD, please email us at info@jsyachtsusa.com or call 770-965-8500.